About Us LLC

Founded in Belgrade, Serbia, on August 1, 2022, About Us LLC emerges as a dynamic force in the IT/PLC sector, driven by a commitment to excellence, collaboration, and innovation, as reflected in our core values that shape how we treat each other, work, and lead.

At About Us, we believe in fostering a workplace culture that goes beyond the ordinary. Our core values guide everything we do, shaping the way we interact, work, and lead. Explore the essence of who we are:

How We Treat Each Other:

Respect & Appreciation: We cultivate an environment where every voice is heard, and every idea is valued. Mutual respect and appreciation form the foundation of our collaborative spirit.

Trust: Trust is the glue that binds our team together. We prioritize transparency, accountability, and reliability to build strong, enduring relationships.

Freedom from Fear: Innovation thrives in an atmosphere free from fear. Our team members are encouraged to express themselves openly, fostering a culture of creativity and shared success.

Friendliness: Approachability and friendliness are at the heart of our interactions. We're not just colleagues; we're a community that supports each other.

How We Work:

Responsible: Each team member at About Us takes ownership of their work, ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality solutions.

Open-minded: Innovation knows no bounds. We embrace diverse perspectives and ideas, encouraging an open-minded approach to problem-solving.

Proactive: Anticipating challenges and seizing opportunities is second nature to us. We're proactive in our approach, always staying one step ahead.

Result-driven: Our commitment is to deliver results. We thrive on turning visions into reality and achieving tangible outcomes for our clients.

How We Lead:

Lead by Example: Leadership at About Us isn’t just a title – it's a commitment. Our leaders lead by example, setting high standards for dedication, professionalism, and ethical conduct.

Excite Through Passion: Passion fuels our journey. We are driven by a collective enthusiasm for technology and its transformative power, inspiring excellence in everything we do.

Empower Our People: Our success is built on the strength of our team. We empower individuals with the tools, resources, and autonomy they need to excel and contribute meaningfully.

Win as a Team: Success is sweeter when shared. At About Us, we celebrate victories as a team, recognizing that collaboration is the key to achieving greatness.